Wednesday, 24 August 2016

What does the word “psychic” mean anyway?

The word “psychic” holds a very strong energy, and for some people and religions it has even come to mean “evil”. Yet the word psychic comes from the Greek “psukhe” meaning “breath, life, soul; spirit”.

So when we talk about psychic communication or “being psychic”, we are simply referring to our ability to communicate with our soul, our spirit – in other words, the part of us that is who we really are beyond our body and this third dimensional plane of existence. It also suggests that when we communicate “psychically” with another, we are sharing our soul with them and finding a common connection on a profound level.

If you have had a negative connotation around the word “psychic”, perhaps you could reframe that now knowing what it really means. As a psychic reader, I have sometimes read for people who have never had a reading before. Some of them are quite nervous and not quite sure what to expect. I’m not sure exactly what they think I do! #scarypsychicwitch?) However, once we begin the reading and I explain the process, they relax and become amazed and caught up in the beauty of the loving energy that is pure spirit communication.

Having being raised a Catholic, I certainly had some stereotypes around what the word “psychic” meant, and definitely had a programmed fear of things like tarot cards. After studying the history and symbology of tools such as tarot, as well as releasing the fear I held, I was able to reframe it and see it in a different light. If it had not been for the strong pull and fascination I felt to explore that “psychic” part of me, I may have held this view for my entire life. And how could I possibly reject that part of me that is “psychic”? To do so would be to reject my soul!

When we connect with that psychic and spiritual part of us, we remember how glorious and powerful we really are. And when we remember how glorious and powerful we really are, we shine our light. And when we shine our light, the world becomes a beautiful, uplifting place to be now. Doesn’t it?

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