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Do crystals really have a consciousness? 20 Common Crystals, Part 2 (J to Z)

The next time you are near crystals: a crystal shop, a friend’s home, even out in nature, be aware that the crystals may be connecting with you. It’s possible you might feel them, notice them, or even hear words or receive insight in the form of just “knowing” something which helps you in your life.

Some crystals may want to come live with you for a while. Others are happy for you to meet them, greet them and leave them where they are. Regardless, it is a commonly held belief amongst crystal lovers that we are simply their custodians; we look after them for a while until it is time for them to move to a new home.

Like soulmates, some crystals may only stay and play with you for a month, or a year, before moving on. Others will journey with you for your entire lifetime.

Below are some more common crystals and the qualities for which they are known.

Jasper: “The Supreme Nurturer”
Colour: red to dark brown
Uses: Balancer on all levels; protective; grounding; helps maintain energy levels; provides spiritual protection.

Labradorite “The Aura Stone”
Colour: multi-coloured
Uses: Helps keep aura clear, balanced, protected and free from energy leaks.; assists change; attracts strength and perseverance.

Moonstone: “The Lunar Stone”
Colour: opalescent
Uses: Balancing; assists self-reflection; supports change, growth and new beginnings; protects during travel; cleanses negativity.

Rose Quartz: “The Love Stone”
Colour: pink
Uses: Radiates and enhances love; opens the heart; heals past emotions; creates
harmony in an environment and within relationships; supports deep sleep (under
pillow); creates calm in children.

Sodalite: “The Pacifier”
Colour: dark blue
Uses: Calms the mind and can ease any unconscious fear or guilt; known to assist in lowering blood pressure; helps us ‘speak up’ even in challenging situations.

Tiger Eye: “The Grounding Stone”
Colour: golden brown
Uses: Helps us maintain wealth; enhances personal power; calms turmoil; brings clarity to chaos; disciplines emotional energy and grounds excess energy.

(Black) Tourmaline: “The Protector”
Colour: black
Uses: Can be used to repel and protect against negativity; provides an increase in physical vitality, emotional stability and intellectual acuity.

(Watermelon)Tourmaline: “The Heart Activator”
Colour: green rind/ pink core
Uses: Activates and provides stimulation to the heart chakra, connecting us with our highest self; encourages humour and lightness of being.

Zebra Stone: “The Illusion Buster”
Colour: black and white striped (like a zebra skin)
Uses: Helps us see past illusion and the masks people wear; connects us to the Divine energy of the universe; stimulates energy; gives us stamina and endurance; grounds us to mother earth.

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