Tuesday, 23 August 2016

How does knowing about the MIND and the METAPHYSICAL help you?

On this blog you'll find info to help you learn more about the mind, the mystical and the metaphysical as well as the latest techniques in metaphysics, communication, and empowerment. 

I am fascinated by the hazy-clear crossover between the spiritual and the scientific and I love applying knowledge from one field to another in new and unexpected ways.

What's the point of this? It helps you have more fun in life. It helps you get clear and figure out what you do want in life. And it helps you make change when you need to - easily, elegantly and quickly.

Here's one thing I do know - life is not fun when we're bogged down in the baggage and crappage of our past. Sometimes this is not even our own stuff! Emotional roller coasters (aka scary dramas), terrifying mind trips and physical illnesses are sometimes not even self-created. They can be things we inherited (yeah, thanks for that great-grandfather John). 

Just as we inherit our eye colour or our height, we also inherit health patterns, trauma, limiting beliefs such as I never have enough money and even limiting decisions like I am a starving artist or I cannot make money through being creative from our ancestors. (Google Epigenetics to learn more about this.)

Personally, I'm so happy to have inherited my lovely hazel-green eyes and tall, slender build from my Grandmother's Russian side of the family, but inheriting addictions or poverty consciousness, well they have not made me as happy. 

Through my writing I offer to you the challenges I've had - which you may also have - the reflections I've made, the solutions I have found and the techniques I apply every single day. I like my answers to be QUICK and EASY. (If they're not, they will never make it into one of my books or onto my blogs.)

And if you want to see, hear or learn more, please ask me questions. Post a question in the comments. You can also follow the links to my books. 

Thanks for visiting. 

I hope you leave here looking, sounding and feeling happier, saner and more joyful and carry that through the rest of your life now!

Katarina xxx

Image: Jesse Orrico via Unsplash

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