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Do crystals really have a consciousness? 20 Common Crystals, Part 1 (A to H)

Why do some people just L-O-V-E crystals? Because crystals have a consciousness. Even the renowned physicist Nikola Tesla acknowledges this when he said, “A crystal…is a living being. He also famously said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Trippy, huh?

Crystals have an amazing consciousness. They can work with us on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Generally, opaque stones work on the denser levels such as within the body, for example the brain or specific organs, while clearer stones work with us on emotional and spiritual levels.

The best way to select a crystal is use your intuition. In fact, they generally select you.

Below are some better known crystals and the qualities for which they are best known.

Agate: “The Family Stone”
Colour: various including white, black, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, brown, pink, purple and grey. Routinely dyed to create specific colours ie pink, blue
Uses: Helps link children, parents and grandparents; physically strengthening; facilitates perceptiveness and precision; grounding and energetic.

Amazonite: “The Stone of Heart Clarity”
Colour: turquoise
Uses: Aids creative expression; cuts through illusion; brings joy, clarity, enhances verbal expression; strengthens heart and physical body.

Amber: “The Stone of Connection”
Colour: yellow/golden brown
Uses: Assists conscious connection to the universe; helps decision making; cleanses our environment; transmutes negative energy into positive; brings happiness by connecting us to our inner power.

Amethyst: “The Stone of Insight”
Colour: purple
Uses: Increases wisdom, insight and intuition; balances emotions; helpful during meditation to maintain focus; protective; brings peace; assists in deep sleep.

Aventurine: “The Enthuser”
Colour: green
Uses: Attracts and lifts enthusiasm, love, energy and happiness in our life; opens our heart to broader horizons and new adventures.

Bloodstone: “The Stone of Courage”
Colour: green with red flecks
Uses: Assists with change on all levels and with decision making; gives inner
guidance and peace, and assists in the development of intuition.

Citrine: “The Money Stone”
Colour: yellow
Uses: Activates personal power and creative energy, stimulates intellectual and
mental clarity; assists us to acquire and maintain wealth.

Clear Quartz: “The Transmitter”
Colour: clear
Uses: Enhances inspiration and creativity; brings clarity of thought; amplifies ALL emotions; increases confidence and natural energy flow; reduces electro-magnetic stress.

Fluorite: “The Mind Stone” 
Colour: Various
Uses: Balances and focuses the mind; facilitates concentration; extends understanding and connection to the higher realms; calming; aids intuition.

Hematite: “The Blood Stone”
Colour: silver/metallic grey
Uses: Calms and nourishes the body and helps to lower stress.; attracts “kind love”; assists in blood disorders such as anaemia, and eases leg cramps.

Howlite (White): “The Gentle Stone”
Colour: white
Uses: Calms communication; facilitates awareness; encourages emotional expression; reduces pain & stress; encourages patience and refinement.

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