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Do crystals really have a consciousness? 20 Common Crystals, Part 2 (J to Z)

The next time you are near crystals: a crystal shop, a friend’s home, even out in nature, be aware that the crystals may be connecting with you. It’s possible you might feel them, notice them, or even hear words or receive insight in the form of just “knowing” something which helps you in your life.

Some crystals may want to come live with you for a while. Others are happy for you to meet them, greet them and leave them where they are. Regardless, it is a commonly held belief amongst crystal lovers that we are simply their custodians; we look after them for a while until it is time for them to move to a new home.

Like soulmates, some crystals may only stay and play with you for a month, or a year, before moving on. Others will journey with you for your entire lifetime.

Below are some more common crystals and the qualities for which they are known.

Jasper: “The Supreme Nurturer”
Colour: red to dark brown
Uses: Balancer on all levels; protective; grounding; helps maintain energy levels; provides spiritual protection.

Labradorite “The Aura Stone”
Colour: multi-coloured
Uses: Helps keep aura clear, balanced, protected and free from energy leaks.; assists change; attracts strength and perseverance.

Moonstone: “The Lunar Stone”
Colour: opalescent
Uses: Balancing; assists self-reflection; supports change, growth and new beginnings; protects during travel; cleanses negativity.

Rose Quartz: “The Love Stone”
Colour: pink
Uses: Radiates and enhances love; opens the heart; heals past emotions; creates
harmony in an environment and within relationships; supports deep sleep (under
pillow); creates calm in children.

Sodalite: “The Pacifier”
Colour: dark blue
Uses: Calms the mind and can ease any unconscious fear or guilt; known to assist in lowering blood pressure; helps us ‘speak up’ even in challenging situations.

Tiger Eye: “The Grounding Stone”
Colour: golden brown
Uses: Helps us maintain wealth; enhances personal power; calms turmoil; brings clarity to chaos; disciplines emotional energy and grounds excess energy.

(Black) Tourmaline: “The Protector”
Colour: black
Uses: Can be used to repel and protect against negativity; provides an increase in physical vitality, emotional stability and intellectual acuity.

(Watermelon)Tourmaline: “The Heart Activator”
Colour: green rind/ pink core
Uses: Activates and provides stimulation to the heart chakra, connecting us with our highest self; encourages humour and lightness of being.

Zebra Stone: “The Illusion Buster”
Colour: black and white striped (like a zebra skin)
Uses: Helps us see past illusion and the masks people wear; connects us to the Divine energy of the universe; stimulates energy; gives us stamina and endurance; grounds us to mother earth.

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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Do crystals really have a consciousness? 20 Common Crystals, Part 1 (A to H)

Why do some people just L-O-V-E crystals? Because crystals have a consciousness. Even the renowned physicist Nikola Tesla acknowledges this when he said, “A crystal…is a living being. He also famously said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Trippy, huh?

Crystals have an amazing consciousness. They can work with us on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Generally, opaque stones work on the denser levels such as within the body, for example the brain or specific organs, while clearer stones work with us on emotional and spiritual levels.

The best way to select a crystal is use your intuition. In fact, they generally select you.

Below are some better known crystals and the qualities for which they are best known.

Agate: “The Family Stone”
Colour: various including white, black, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, brown, pink, purple and grey. Routinely dyed to create specific colours ie pink, blue
Uses: Helps link children, parents and grandparents; physically strengthening; facilitates perceptiveness and precision; grounding and energetic.

Amazonite: “The Stone of Heart Clarity”
Colour: turquoise
Uses: Aids creative expression; cuts through illusion; brings joy, clarity, enhances verbal expression; strengthens heart and physical body.

Amber: “The Stone of Connection”
Colour: yellow/golden brown
Uses: Assists conscious connection to the universe; helps decision making; cleanses our environment; transmutes negative energy into positive; brings happiness by connecting us to our inner power.

Amethyst: “The Stone of Insight”
Colour: purple
Uses: Increases wisdom, insight and intuition; balances emotions; helpful during meditation to maintain focus; protective; brings peace; assists in deep sleep.

Aventurine: “The Enthuser”
Colour: green
Uses: Attracts and lifts enthusiasm, love, energy and happiness in our life; opens our heart to broader horizons and new adventures.

Bloodstone: “The Stone of Courage”
Colour: green with red flecks
Uses: Assists with change on all levels and with decision making; gives inner
guidance and peace, and assists in the development of intuition.

Citrine: “The Money Stone”
Colour: yellow
Uses: Activates personal power and creative energy, stimulates intellectual and
mental clarity; assists us to acquire and maintain wealth.

Clear Quartz: “The Transmitter”
Colour: clear
Uses: Enhances inspiration and creativity; brings clarity of thought; amplifies ALL emotions; increases confidence and natural energy flow; reduces electro-magnetic stress.

Fluorite: “The Mind Stone” 
Colour: Various
Uses: Balances and focuses the mind; facilitates concentration; extends understanding and connection to the higher realms; calming; aids intuition.

Hematite: “The Blood Stone”
Colour: silver/metallic grey
Uses: Calms and nourishes the body and helps to lower stress.; attracts “kind love”; assists in blood disorders such as anaemia, and eases leg cramps.

Howlite (White): “The Gentle Stone”
Colour: white
Uses: Calms communication; facilitates awareness; encourages emotional expression; reduces pain & stress; encourages patience and refinement.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

What does the word “psychic” mean anyway?

The word “psychic” holds a very strong energy, and for some people and religions it has even come to mean “evil”. Yet the word psychic comes from the Greek “psukhe” meaning “breath, life, soul; spirit”.

So when we talk about psychic communication or “being psychic”, we are simply referring to our ability to communicate with our soul, our spirit – in other words, the part of us that is who we really are beyond our body and this third dimensional plane of existence. It also suggests that when we communicate “psychically” with another, we are sharing our soul with them and finding a common connection on a profound level.

If you have had a negative connotation around the word “psychic”, perhaps you could reframe that now knowing what it really means. As a psychic reader, I have sometimes read for people who have never had a reading before. Some of them are quite nervous and not quite sure what to expect. I’m not sure exactly what they think I do! #scarypsychicwitch?) However, once we begin the reading and I explain the process, they relax and become amazed and caught up in the beauty of the loving energy that is pure spirit communication.

Having being raised a Catholic, I certainly had some stereotypes around what the word “psychic” meant, and definitely had a programmed fear of things like tarot cards. After studying the history and symbology of tools such as tarot, as well as releasing the fear I held, I was able to reframe it and see it in a different light. If it had not been for the strong pull and fascination I felt to explore that “psychic” part of me, I may have held this view for my entire life. And how could I possibly reject that part of me that is “psychic”? To do so would be to reject my soul!

When we connect with that psychic and spiritual part of us, we remember how glorious and powerful we really are. And when we remember how glorious and powerful we really are, we shine our light. And when we shine our light, the world becomes a beautiful, uplifting place to be now. Doesn’t it?

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

What does it mean to be a GHOSTBUSTER?

In Hollywood, ghostbusting is a fantastical affair: full of stunning special effects, hilarious stunts and extreme horror-filled happenings. In real life, ghostbusting is simple, quick and mostly drama-free. And it can be fun!

“Ghosts” are spirits who have been incarnate (living) and have not passed on when their earth body died. We call these stuck spirits “lost souls” or “earthbound” – which is very different from your dead Granny popping in to visit you from the other side. You don’t need to “ghostbust” your Granny – she’ll automatically leave when she’s finished giving you advice on your latest boyfriend and why you should break up with him.

The ghosts we need to “bust” are the ones which are haunting a person or place. The unwelcome ones. Some people can see these ghosts; others hear voices, feel the ghost or get “the shivers” or “goose-bumps”. Some people will just know there is something “ghostly” there – no matter how crazy it appears or sounds to others. However, you may simply find yourself feeling irritable, angry or sad or even uncomfortable, without being able to put your finger on what’s causing that. And if this continues it could become a major problem for you.

Maybe you’ve read this and just now realised you have a ghost in your home or work place. Living with a ghost can be disconcerting, distressing and down-right despairing. It can make you feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, scared – especially at night – and unhappy.  It can drag you down, knock you out, and hold you back from living the amazing life you want.

It does not have to be this way.

There is a solution, and it is fast and simple to apply, right now. It needs no special equipment: just you, some knowledge and a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone.

Oh yeah, and if you want to have some fun busting that ghost, that's possible too. Optional, but recommended.

Go ahead. Be a ghostbuster. It could be the most fun you've ever had.

If you want to be a ghostbuster, the book Ghostbusting Matters: How to be a ghostbuster in 5 easy steps and why you might need to be one by Katarina Ashwin can give you all the skills you need to empower yourself.

Image: Tertia Van Resnberg via Unsplash

How does knowing about the MIND and the METAPHYSICAL help you?

On this blog you'll find info to help you learn more about the mind, the mystical and the metaphysical as well as the latest techniques in metaphysics, communication, and empowerment. 

I am fascinated by the hazy-clear crossover between the spiritual and the scientific and I love applying knowledge from one field to another in new and unexpected ways.

What's the point of this? It helps you have more fun in life. It helps you get clear and figure out what you do want in life. And it helps you make change when you need to - easily, elegantly and quickly.

Here's one thing I do know - life is not fun when we're bogged down in the baggage and crappage of our past. Sometimes this is not even our own stuff! Emotional roller coasters (aka scary dramas), terrifying mind trips and physical illnesses are sometimes not even self-created. They can be things we inherited (yeah, thanks for that great-grandfather John). 

Just as we inherit our eye colour or our height, we also inherit health patterns, trauma, limiting beliefs such as I never have enough money and even limiting decisions like I am a starving artist or I cannot make money through being creative from our ancestors. (Google Epigenetics to learn more about this.)

Personally, I'm so happy to have inherited my lovely hazel-green eyes and tall, slender build from my Grandmother's Russian side of the family, but inheriting addictions or poverty consciousness, well they have not made me as happy. 

Through my writing I offer to you the challenges I've had - which you may also have - the reflections I've made, the solutions I have found and the techniques I apply every single day. I like my answers to be QUICK and EASY. (If they're not, they will never make it into one of my books or onto my blogs.)

And if you want to see, hear or learn more, please ask me questions. Post a question in the comments. You can also follow the links to my books. 

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I hope you leave here looking, sounding and feeling happier, saner and more joyful and carry that through the rest of your life now!

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